Patients are
people in a

very stressful
time of their life.

Patients have high expectations, limited patience, a great attitude, homesickness for family and pets, more life to live. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

But that’s what our people prepare for every day.

“For 3 weeks I had a wonderful therapist, Cara.
She was kind, understanding and took very good care of me.
We talked. I will never forget some of the things she told me.”

– Jennifer A., patient

Home Health Innovation and Discovery.

We continually strive to advance patient outcomes.

“Operational excellence is better patient experience, better staff experience, and better clinical experience. Whether it’s the use of more predictive data for better patient outcomes or as simple as no human should be sending a fax. Innovation drives our home health services.”

– Neeraj Jotsinghani, Chief Information Officer,
Alternate Solutions Health Network

Healing is Science and Data.

Caring is Preparedness and Passion.

High qualty patient care solves everything.

Managing patients from hospital to home requires smooth transitions, identifying the right level of care, avoiding rehospitalization, communicating with ancillary providers and coordinating caregiver support. This complexity has been historically challenging for many healthcare providers. We pride ourselves on partnering with all aspects of the continuum to ensure patient experience is optimal.

We begin by integrating deeply with our health system partner to provide patients a seamless transition home.

This means working side-by-side with Case Managers on each floor of the hospital, adopting the health system’s care protocols and standards, attending hospital department meetings, and integrating EMRs to have a consistent clinical view of the patient.

We also partner across the care continuum by coordinating closely with the health system’s preferred DME and infusion providers.

We attend weekly Interdisciplinary Team meetings with the Geriatrics Network and Skilled Nursing Facility network members. We participate in the health system QAPI committee, re-admission council, medication reconciliation steering committee, and transition of care committee. We also collaborate with the physician network and the nurse navigators and case managers aligned with these physician offices.

We go to these lengths because it creates better outcomes for patients.

As the eyes and ears (and arms and legs) of the health system inside a patient’s home we have a privileged position and deep insight. Effective care requires that we deeply integrate with our partners to affect better patient outcomes.

“ASHN culture means doing what it takes to be the best.”

– Ken S., RN Case Manager

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