We Consistently Deliver Success to our Health System Partners by Focusing on Growth, Profitability, Quality Outcomes and Compliance.

We generate growth of 35% in the first year for our partners, time and again.

Strategic, adaptive change delivers growth.
Developing partnerships and transforming care requires making changes. The first thing we do is guide our partners through a full market analysis to identify weaknesses, vulnerabilities and opportunities. We understand change can be uncomfortable, therefore we bring change to our partners at a level that’s comfortable for them.

- We sit down and logically discuss the changes that need to be made.
- We align to our partners’ culture.
- We work through the process together.
- We gain each other’s trust.
- We achieve results.

"Alternate Solutions took the time to understand our systems, culture and goals so change was logical and friendly. They uncover what needs to be done and seamlessly align."

– Brandon Doe, Chief Operating Officer, Summa Health

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